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Methods & Curriculum

We believe that every child should have a well-balanced early childhood experience in all areas of growth. Therefore, our program includes the following activities:

  • Group time
  • Bible stories
  • Music
  • Center time
  • Creative art
  • Language development
  • Math readiness and basic math
  • Dramatic play
  • Technology
  • Science and nature
  • Organized games
  • Free play
  • Outdoor activities
  • Physical exercise

We believe in a hands-on approach to our curriculum. Every day, children are challenged to explore their world using as many of their senses as possible. They are encouraged to expand on their own ideas and personal interests. While some activities are teacher-directed and others are child-initiated, our staff always works closely with our students to help them make sense of their world. We provide enhanced activities to encourage personal growth and development. This allows the acquisition of additional skills and knowledge. We encourage teachers to identify each child’s prior knowledge of a subject, so that they can extend the class’ conceptual understanding of each topic.

During the school year, each day is divided into two separate sessions: morning and afternoon. The morning session is focused on academic development through learning centers, group time sessions, and outdoor free play. Learning centers are divided into sub-categories: language/literacy readiness and writing, math and numbers, and fine motor skills.

The afternoon session is equally as stimulating as the morning session. It focuses on the children’s language development and social skills through the concept of dramatic play centers, a craft of the day, group music time, self-directed math activities, and outdoor free play.

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