Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy
Our teaching philosophy is built on the following key concepts:

  • Children learn best through a combination of structured activities and free play. They learn through active participation in learning activities, including: crafts, group time, center time, recess, story time, organized games, and songs.
  • Daily activities, play, exploration and experimentation are critical for healthy child-development.
  • Children develop an understanding of the world by actively being involved in problem-solving behaviors, and directly interacting with people and a variety of materials.
  • Children should engage in play, experimentation, and exploration every day.
  • We teach based on the belief that a developmental curriculum is best for children. We do not assume all children have the same competence and knowledge as their peers. We equip children to succeed by respecting their current level of development and grow from there.

Program Philosophy
We believe that God created each child as a special and unique person, and that each child can achieve his/her full potential through consistent guidance, positive feedback, love, and patience. We believe stimulation through a wealth of new experiences promote spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, and social development.

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